The “Crucial To Read” Options Trading Guide for Beginners

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Important Keys to Keep in Mind

So Really, What Are Options?

Investing in Options: The Basics

Option Building Blocks: Calls and Puts

Example of a Call Option

Example of a Put Option

Why Should You Use Options?

So How Do Options Really Work?

Call vs Put Options: What’s the Difference?



What Types of Options Do Experienced Investors Use?

Long Calls

Covered Calls

Long Puts

A Short Put

Specific Types of Option Classes

Options for the Short Term vs Options for the Long Term

Reading Option Chains & Charts

Long Puts and Calls

Combinations and Spreads


Risks of Options: The “Greeks”

What Does It Mean to Exercise an Option?

How are options used to assess risk?

What Are the Three Most Important Options Characteristics?

What Are the Taxes on Options?

Final Thoughts



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